My name is Kamil Monicz and I am a web developer from Poland. Currently I am a high-school student (18 years old) with real work experience at ADTgroup. I have also taken the 16th place in the country-wide IT competition (2017). I have started coding in the summer of 2013 (over 5 years ago). Overall I have completed over 150 small and 20 big projects since then and I have improved my experience with each one of them. My first coding language I have been studying was C++. After few years I have abandoned software development and switched to the web development. I got some knowledge about front-end development (Bootstrap) but I prefer working with the back-end. I am also familiar with the current security standards.


  • Favourite code editor: VS Code
  • Favourite theme: Monokai
  • Favourite software language: C#
  • Favourite web language: PHP


  • C# (advanced)
  • PHP (advanced)
  • Bootstrap (very good)
  • HTML (very good)
  • CSS (very good)
  • SCSS (very good)
  • LESS (very good)
  • MySQL (good)
  • jQuery (good)
  • Reverse engineering (good)
  • Regular expressions (good)
  • Git (good)
  • JavaScript (average)
  • AngularJS (basics)
  • Node.js (basics)
  • C++ (basics)